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Jackie Jordan


​                                                        Jackie Jordan, MA
                                                     Transformative Coach
                                                     Certified Ecotherapist
                                          The Practice® for Women Facilitator
                                         Personal Growth Workshop Facilitator

Jackie is the founder of grounded journeys, a place for women traveling through mid-life to re-connect with their true selves. She has a master’s degree in Consciousness & Transformative Studies and has spent the past decade immersed in the study of self-care and personal transformation. Her passion is to support women on their own journey to wholeness.

Work with me if you are looking to:

·      Break through the blocks that are holding you back from being your best self.
·      Reconnect with your own inner wisdom.
·      Achieve more fulfillment, purpose, and joy in your life.
·      Find your true voice.

                                                            (415) 845-7643