Pam Tse

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Like most kids growing up in the ’70s, if a food had a mascot, I wanted it. Macaroni and cheese (the brighter orange the better!), hot dogs, soda, canned pasta, bright colored cereal…I definitely grew up eating the standard American diet. I went from a very thin girl to an over-weight, unhealthy adolescent and young adult. I was a picky eater who lived on packaged foods and take-out. Though diabetes runs in my family, my diet was heavy on the carbs.

I worked in corporate sales for many years. I often sat in meetings thinking to myself, “what am I doing here.” My last sales position was for a major candy company…with a mascot (ironic in so many ways). I was stressed, depressed, tired, over-weight, and sick.

For years I had digestion issues, multiple migraines a week, and was in chronic pain. With all of my aches and pains, I knew something was not right. Even after successfully losing weight through slightly healthier food choices and exercise, I still did not feel well. I went from one doctor to another seeking some kind of help. In 2008, I had to have major surgery. Following one week on a liquid diet, my first meal in the hospital was meatloaf and mashed potatoes – I was happy, my belly not so much! I was discharged with no discussion on nutrition and reintroducing solid foods. Not surprisingly, one week later, I was back in the hospital on a liquid diet. At the same time, several family members were faced with their own serious health issues. It was definitely a big wake up call.

Eventually I sought help from a Naturopathic Doctor, from her I learned that overall health is all about balance. Nutrition, lifestyle, mind/body, and spirit, all play a part in your well-being. As my diet and lifestyle changed, I noticed that my symptoms improved. Not only did I feel healthier, I also felt empowered to make changes in my life.

I attended Bauman College to study holistic nutrition and earned my certification as a Nutrition Consultant. Sales, packaged foods, and candy are now in the past. I work with my clients to make healthy food choices to gain more energy, reduce stress, regulate blood sugar and achieve their ideal weight.

I’d love to work with you!

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Pam Tse

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