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Betty Lue Lieber PhD, MFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Creative  Solutions Coaching

Whole Life Coaching
Relationship Counseling
PsychoSpiritual Therapy
Integrative Health Education


To teach, coach and inspire others to live their full potential.

Priority Focus
Vision & Inspiration
Leadership & Conflict Resolution
Confidence & Empowerment
Relationships & Communication
Health & Peak Performance

Life Purpose & Career Direction
Money & Time Management
Environment & Organization
Balanced Living & Creativity
Fulfillment & Inner Peace

Coaching Process
Discover what you really want.
Explore possibilities.
Clear self-sabotage.
Implement success strategies. 

Healing & Wholeness
Achievement & Accomplishment
Prosperity & Wealth
Excellence & Mastery
Leadership & Empowerment
Creativity & Innovation
Community & Teamwork
Service & Contribution
Enjoyment & Satisfaction

Consultations in Office, Your Home or by Phone 
Flexible Hours
Negotiable Fees
Insurance Coverage

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Whole Life Success Coach
Relationship Counselor
Life Purpose Consultant
Integrative Health Educator
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Entrepreneurial Coach
Ordained Interfaith Minister
CEO & Director of Creative Solutions
Post-Graduate Leadership Training
Doctorate in Theocentric Psychology
Masters in Clinical & School Psychology
Bachelors in Developmental Psychology

Voice Mail-Pager 
(800) 919-2392

Betty Lue Lieber